Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Primitive Wooden Treasures Redefined as Wall Art

Here's my homage to days past when people used their hands to do everything. No machines. No computers. No electronics.  I finally decided it was time to put them to use... in a new way, that is... as wall art.

These pieces all have one thing in common...decades of authentic character and a work-your-fingers-to-the-bone patina.  I can't help but make up fantasical stories to go along with these primitives:

24" Hand Carved Wooden Dough Bowl:  He carved this critical kitchen tool by hand for his bride as a wedding present, which then became the most coveted item she had to pass along to her daughters.  Naturally, it was left to the oldest, though her sisters stopped talking to her after that.

Vintage Wooden Wash Board: All you need is this "great American invention," a bar of soap, a convenient stream or large bucket, and you're all set to join the ladies on wash day.  Plunge, Scrub, Repeat.

Milking Stool: This short wooden stool sits just a few inches off the ground making it easier for Farmer Joe to milk Bessie, especially when she begins to protest and attempt to knock over the bucket. I mean, the top of the seat is no bigger than his hand. Imagine sitting on that every morning and afternoon.

Here's another look at it all put together.

A close up of the painting next to it. (I did that, too. )

Can't decide if I want to put something on top of the stool, or leave it plain.  What do you think?

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